Doorways to the Self: A Luminary School Yoga and Meditation Training w/ Elena Brower & Ally Bogard 

October 15th-20th, 2017 at OMEGA INSTITUTE

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Elena Brower and I invite you to our first formal Teacher Training module offered via our Luminary School.

When you practice yoga and meditation with intention and a certain quality of heart, you come into right relationship with your essential self. You shift from physical, mental, and emotional patterns of distortion and dissonance to resonance and connection.

In this training with master teachers Ally Bogard and Elena Brower—who emphasize practical and accessible approaches to living your yoga—you uncover and stimulate the release of radiant energy in order to refine your voice, cultivate physical and emotional consistency, and amplify meaning in your life.

Through asana and breath practice, self-reflection, subtle body alignment, meditation, and group discussions on acceptance, presence, and allowing, you expose and clear expressions of dense emotions and focus your energy in a love-based approach to life that offers greater clarity of mind.

This training is designed for teachers, prospective teachers, and serious students of any level of yoga and meditation who wish to create a doorway to the self that is connected, knowing, and whole.


SKYTING Restorative Yoga w/ Abby Paloma, Ally Bogard & Sara Auster
September 15 - 17, 2017
@ TRIBECA For details and to register, click here

SKY TING is pleased to announce its first Restorative Yoga Teacher Training this Fall! More and more students are taking an interest in Restorative Yoga, a healing practice for stressful times. Abby Paloma has skillfully trained many teachers in the art of Restorative Yoga, and with the added expertise of Ally Bogard and Sara Auster, this training will be an in-depth exploration of the tools and techniques of this practice.

Restorative Yoga offers therapeutic tools to balance the nervous system in order to truly rest and replenish energy. States of deep mind and body relaxation are made more accessible through the architecture of restorative poses. Health benefits of a consistent restorative practice include lowered blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reduced insomnia, balanced menstruation, improved digestion, and increased fertility.

This training is open to yoga teachers, health practitioners, and dedicated students. After this training you will be able to skillfully offer your students and private clients a potent and medicinal practice of relaxation.